The Restaurant

THE RESTAURANT by Pierre Balthazar  

This restaurant truly represent the personality of the Chef.

The star of the menu is what he calls ‘supplier’s choice’ or ‘products of the moment’. He builds his menu in close collaboration with his suppliers, happy to rely on their expertise. When he visits his producers, when he picks up the phone to contact them, he simply asks them what is the best product they have at the moment and lets himself be surprised by the chance suggestion.

Controlling novelty, putting himself in perfect timing with what the land produces, with what the tide brings in, is an art that Pierre Balthazar enjoys.

The chef’s culinary creation is galvanised by this imposed exercise. Delivering his menu to the imagination of the product revives the team spirit.

Images du hall d'entrée du restaurant Serra de l'hotel Indigo à Brxuelles dans lequel le chef Pierre Balthazar dirige la cuisine.


Garden Kitchen

With Garden Kitchen, enjoy nature on your plate. Almost everything that is served is organic and made with ingredients from local suppliers.

Relaxation is a guarantee in this place created to showcase the best that every season has to offer. You will find a relaxed atmosphere and a green environment similar to a garden party.

Urban Picnic

The great outdoors – indoors.

Urban picnic is an indoor space where you can picnic all day, every day of the year.

We serve everything from coffee, tea and pastries to lunch and afternoon drinks. Oats, yoghurt, salad bowls, sandwiches, soups, wraps, the list goes on and on. And everything is 100% natural. You can also take all of our drinks and foods on the go!

Taure - Bar & Gril

Much more than a restaurant, Taure is above all a place dedicated to pleasure and sharing, distinguished by its authenticity and eccentricity. Prepare to experience a unique sensory journey centred around local flavours, know-how and unbridled passion.

Our project was born from the desire to create a place where the comfort of tradition and the excitement of modernity intertwine to compose a true singularity. Taure – Bar & Grill is a new concept in  Sion